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MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions. There is a good reason why MICE is so highly popular in the corporate world.

One of the best ways to reward them is not by giving them gifts but by inviting them to participate in corporate meetings and conventions that are one part of an event that includes corporate travel, stay in hotel and entertain all organized by business travel agents. It is one-way companies reward all those who have contributed to the success of an organization and its growth. Equipped with a brilliant proficiency in tour operations, MICE conducts events, meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and events with a reliable knack in management and execution of the same. With a notable performance portfolio, a massive experience in Business Event Planning & Implementation and Finally, a huge appreciation from its previous clients. MICE is a niche for an entire Business Tourism package and consultation solution.


Meetings are a part of corporate life and the days are gone when such corporate meetings are held in dreary boardrooms in the headquarters. The novel, exciting way to hold meetings is to make them a part of a MICE Tour. We discuss conferences, meetings with your staff and decide on the venue and each tiny part of the meeting. Our professionals assist in taking care of marketing collaterals to be used at the meeting. In addition, when we help you pick a venue we go on to coordinate equipments to be used such as audio visual aids and public address systems. If a venue is picked and a time fixed, you can leave it to our team to take care of logistics.

MyTripsTo-India is organizing numerous successful meetings in the region, including corporate offsite meetings that serve as retreats for training reinforcement and developing new visions.

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Companies must perform well and keep climbing higher if they are to stay ahead of the competition. People are its strengths and this includes employees as well as dealers and to some extent the vendors of a company. The contribution of each determines the overall performance of a company. How would you, as a company, keep them motivated to stay on top all the time? The most common way is to offer incentives linked to performance. This may be cash or gifts. However, these are routine and taken in their stride but without much effect.

Incentive travel, locally or overseas, provides companies with the opportunity to recognize top achievers, maximize team performance and motivate employees. We have successfully worked with many manufacturing and automobile companies, in providing them with incentive programs that far exceeded their expectations. A better way is for you to approach us at MyTripsTo-India, masters in organizing incentive meetings and corporate travel that will deliver superlative experiences. We help you plan meeting and incentive travel infused with entertainment and exotic experiences by selecting locations in India or abroad. If you really wish to show you care for people who contribute to your success, then give them a proper incentive by inviting them to be part of MICE tour.


When it comes to holding conferences meeting or conventions you can make it a plain official affair or you can transform it into an extravaganza that raises your brand value. There are no two questions as to which people would prefer in terms of ROI and impact. Our team of experts serves corporate and business travelers and is well experienced in organizing conferences and conventions. You can organize a conference as a single event and pick a location in your city or pick any location in India or abroad, or make it a part of MICE tour. Regardless, you can leave all arrangements for the conference to our experts.


MyTripsTo-India is organizing many exhibitions internationally, providing invaluable networking opportunities for buyers and sellers.

Our services include:

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