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Travel Insurance Benefits

Accidental and sickness Medical Expenses
Accidental and sickness Medical Expenses

Covers Hospitalisation Expenses due to illness or injury

Covers emergency Out Patient Department Expenses

Loss of Checked-in Baggage and Passport
Loss of Checked-in Baggage and Passport

Get compensation for value of lost checked in baggage

Compensation for expenses incurred to replace lost passport

Trip Delay / Cancellation
Trip Delay / Cancellation

Expenses on Trip delay due to natural calamities covered

Expenses on meal and lodging will be covered

Emergency Medical Evaluation
Emergency Medical Evaluation

Financial assistance provided in case of emergency

Financial allowance in case of accidental loss of money

Travel Insurance

A lot of travelers often spend a lot of effort and time planning a perfect vacation, but often overlook the importance of getting the right travel insurance. Not many travelers understand that they are vulnerable to accidents and illnesses when traveling to a different country. Besides, you cannot prevent unforeseen incidents. Make your traveling fun and memorable with right overseas travel insurance. Nothing can be worse than falling sick or needing immediate medical attention; this will only dampen your vacationing spirit. During such a time, you can rely on travel insurance.

It is not that travel insurance helps you avoid misfortune incidents, but it definitely offers consolation in the form of financial compensation. It offers a large range of benefits to travelers. The major benefit of travel insurance is that it offers financial recovery for medical expenses that might incur due to illness or accident. With right travel insurance, one can be assured of getting reimbursement for the total amount of money spent on the treatment.

The best travel insurance offers protection against financial losses. It is of paramount importance to choose the right policy. Here are some factors you need to be aware of when choosing insurance:

More Coverage

Choose your international travel insurance policy based on the country you are traveling to. This covers the cost of the healthcare treatment, theft, risk of losing your passport, valuables and so on. Buy travel insurance online that will protect you from any losses against unforeseen expenditure like loss of baggage, medical treatment, flight interruptions, during the trips.

Destination Insurance

As a traveler, you are advised to consider a number of factors when choosing a travel insurance policy, such as activity at the destination, country, age and so on. This also includes the risks and cost aspects involved with it. This will further help to identify the right policy. Not many know, but travel insurance is less expensive for Asian countries as compared to American and European countries. The policy amount varies greatly on risk factors, distance, medical expenses and so on. Go through different international travel insurance at MyTripsTo and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Activity Based Insurance

This type of insurance completely depends upon the activity at the destination. Your regular international travel insurance will suffice if you are visiting a country abroad for entertainment activities like shopping and sightseeing. However, if you are traveling abroad for adventure activities like hiking, mountaineering and so on, you are advised to enhance your travel insurance with an added cost.

Frequent Flyers Delight

Opting for Multi-trip travel insurance works the best for a regular and frequent flyer. This is the best option for frequent flyer who travels overseas on a regular basis as it covers the expenses of several trips within the year. This further saves travelers from paying various insurance expenses.

For Everyone

Travel Insurance is available to individuals of all age groups. Insurance plans for senior citizens include greater cover for hospitalization and diseases. Some of the policies also protect your home back in India or even offer assistance to your home, but at a higher premium.

Our other Services:

Apart from travel insurance, we at MyTripsTo also offer other services including Forex and Visa services.

Why Get Insured with MyTripsTo?

• Reasonable travel insurance plans with cashless facility
• Customized senior citizen and Asia specific travel insurance plans
• A wide range of travel insurance plans
• Compensation for loss of passport and luggage

Travel Insurance Benefits:

Medical Coverage

Covers emergency OPD expenses Covers hospitalization expenses due to injury or illness

Dental Expenses

Covers cost incurred in connection with an illness or injury to the natural tooth or teeth during the trip.

Trip Delay

Repayment of the additional expenses incurred due to trip delay for more than 8 hours due to cancellation, terrorism or even rescheduling of the flights.

Delay/ Loss of Checked-In Baggage

Compensation for loss or delay of checked-in baggage

Loss of Passport

Compensation for expenses incurred to get a duplicate passport

Other aspects covered in travel insurance include:

• Hospitalization expenses
• Personal Accident
• Personal Liability
• Compassionate Visit

How to Book Travel Insurance with MyTripsTo?

• Submit the necessary details
• Choose from a large range of travel insurance plans
• Enter all the necessary information & details about your trip
• The desired travel insurance policy is issued within no time!